☾ A B I N 🌡 F E V E R | 2.13.19

Celebrate VDay as St. Val truly intended: trapped in a horrifying and adorable cabin packed with s’mores, booze, pink crossbows, and the potential for dangerously feverish romance, all in support of
💘Planned Parenthood.💘


🍻 a wiiiide OPEN BAR from 8 PM til midnight
🔥 a roaring fireplace to keep you nicely toasted
🎱 a pool table primed to show off your skillz
🍢 plentiful DIY s’mores for u and yrs
🍫 nostalgic treats and cards 4 that spshul some1
👼🏼 cute lil Cupids to deliver your ‘tines
🎯 zany games to keep you on your toes 
🌶 ridiculous vintage jamz

Photos 📷 by David Burch (@pcfwrk)