F R E S H M E E T Delivery 🥡 Hump Day Eats 🐫

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While Monday feels like a Friday and we’re actually starting to get nostalgic for the Sunday scaries…

We’re moving this MEET to a hot n’ fresh new day and time to keep y’all well fed for the disorienting week ahead.

Stay In and Take OWT with


A brand new digital iteration of Fresh Meet!


🧭 Go on speed dates ft. silly games and the thrill of a timed interaction because your life is boring now!

🛋 See exotic locales such as the nicest walls in other people’s living rooms!

🍷 Drink drinks that feel free because you ALREADY BOUGHT THEM!

👘 Dress up WILDLY or don’t even put on pants!

👯‍♀️ Chat with the crew and enjoy our bullshit hosting between dates!

This event is FREE for now, sweet babies, but feel free to Venmo (@spaceinvadersocial) or PayPal us if ya nasty (pewpew@spaceinvadersocial.com).

☞ PLZ NOTE: Space for this one is limited, so if yr keen, RSVP and turn up promptly or you may get turned away.